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Is there a link between Covid-19 and hair loss?


Despite several stories in the press of people losing hair after contracting coronavirus (Covid-19), there is no scientific or clinical evidence correlating Covid-19 and hair loss. However, the link is not from the virus in itself, but from the emotional, psychological, and physiological stress of fighting it off.

As a consequence, some people are losing more hair than normal, especially in this bleak coronavirus time.


Hair Loss related to stress


The condition of our hair is often a direct manifestation of our overall health. During this pandemic, there are also deep social and economic ramifications affecting us all.

The accumulation of stress can contribute to increased hair shedding, resulting in thinning hair.

There are two main conditions related to stress and losing hair:

1) First, a condition is known as telogen effluvium, which is a type of hair loss often caused by:

  • severe illness;
  • Infection causing high fever;
  • significant life changes or events ( job loss, etc.)
  • excessive weight loss;
  • Childbirth;
  • Some medication.


2) The other hair loss type that is increasing and exacerbated by psychological stress is alopecia areata, in which the hair follicles are attacked by the immune system.


Frontline workers & Covid-19


Recently, in a July survey about post-Covid symptoms among 1,567 members of a survivors’ group, 423 people reported unusual hair loss. This phenomenon has also been reported with many frontline workers in the NHS and other medical institutions around the World.

Indeed, significant illness can cause a disruption to the natural hair cycle, pushing more hair follicles to the ‘shedding phase’ as opposed to the ‘growing phase’. Therefore, many people experience hair loss sometimes after falling ill or being exposed to very stressful situations.

In fact, some of the frontline workers had the virus, but not all of them, and the main reason is that they are dealing with very stressful situations such as trying to save lives, witnessing a high level of deaths, and working very long hours apart from their families. We can only be thankful and always remember the sacrifices the medical body is still making for us all.


General public & COVID-19


The stress of people having the virus and on loved ones who didn’t is real. Consequently, the level of stress and other biological changes have led to more people experiencing hair loss in this pandemic time.



There is a clear link between stress and hair loss and it can also be the result of several other factors. If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for treatments, you can book a consultation  (£50 that can be redeemed against the treatment)  at Nar London’s Harley Street Clinic.

Additionally, a blood test can help understand if hair loss is related to iron deficiency or underactive thyroid. Furthermore, you should consider PRP therapy for hair loss.