Adult Acne can be challenging. Story of a journey:

A beautiful lady was having adult acne for about 15 years. We started our treatment over 11 months ago. She is herself a medic and tried all existing pharmaceutical medicines for acne including lasers without good enough or long term results. She was rather left with side effects or downtimes. Since our treatments she now gets only an odd spot once in every other month or no new spots at all. We are currently working on her scarring and pigmentation.


A holistic approach


Being a skin therapist with dermatology studies and a wellness therapist I knew that her acne was not only external. I started with Meder probiotic acne treatment and regularly tested her diet, used some natural supplements to regulate hormones and remove any kind of candida from the guts. She has responded very well, her cystic acne is gone but build up bacteria on the skin did not completely disappear. We then continued with acne mesotherapy treatment – which included special peels, purifying toskani meso injections and LED light therapy.

FINALLY, her acne completely cleared up and there was no more new acnespots.

This did not happened with one treatment. There is no such magic overnight solution. This happened with a holistic approach, with time, knowledge, commitment and patience.

The Biggest challenge with skin issues is to find out the root cause and treat without creating damages. it is a journey worth taking.

My BIG LOVE for my job lies in helping people. I walk with each individual during & after the treatment. I strongly believe that a Bespoke Approach is the only way to bring long lasting results for any health / hair / skin issues rather than just applying a “plaster”.

It has been a life changing journey for her and brought her more confidence. For me, it brought me pleasure to treat and help her as we walked together on this journey.

Hope you will always find the right people to walk with you

Have a wonderful day & Stay Safe


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