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PRP: Skin Rejuvenation through your own cells?

The benefits of PRP

Are you looking to minimise your facial lines and wrinkles without invasive treatments?


You might have heard by now about the PRP facial that has been widely popularized by celebrities. This facial is often given catchy names such as the “vampire facial” or “Liquid Gold Treatment” but in truth, it is quite a simple and efficient non-invasive treatment.

In fact, PRP consists of plasma and platelets from your own blood and can be combined with other techniques such as Microneedling.  Through this process, it rejuvenates the skin by releasing growth factors known to expedite the skin’s natural repair process. This treatment triggers collagen production and consequently helps tighten, smooth, and improve skin tone.

Here’s what you need to know about PRP facials:

Creating platelet-rich plasma


There are three types of cells in our bloodstream:

  • Red blood cells (erythrocytes)carry oxygen & carbon dioxide;
  • White blood cells (leukocytes) fight infections;
  • Platelets enable clotting and promote the healing of injured body tissues.

Platelets contain growth factors, which send signals to the body and help control inflammation, heal tissues, stimulate blood flow and even increase the production of collagen.

PRP therapy aims to capture and increase the healing power of the platelet:

  • Step 1: Small Collection of your own blood
    One small vial of your own blood.
  • Step 2: Centrifuge 
    We put the vial inside a dedicated high-speed centrifuge device. This process separates the red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes), platelets (thrombocytes), and plasma (liquid).
  • Step 3: Process and collect the platelets.
    Regular blood contains about 200,000 platelets per milliliter, while platelet-rich plasma contains as much as five times that amount. The resulting three to seven milliliters of platelet-rich plasma will be collected in a syringe, to be administered immediately.
  • Step 4: Inject the PRP into the desired site.
    The platelet-rich plasma is injected into the skin


What happens during treatment?


Injection of plasma using our painless Mesogun U225. It can also be combined with microneedling. The procedure creates a series of tiny, superficial punctures (using sterile needles) across your cheeks and forehead to help your face absorb the proteins.

PRP and microneedling stimulate collagen growth and are more effective when done together. Through this technique, we target two layers: beneath the skin and on top of it.

Enhancing the result


For facial areas with deeper lines and wrinkles, It is possible to combine it with hyaluronic acid.

What to Expect During the Treatment and is there Downtime?


If you decide to have a PRP facial, prepare to have your blood drawn. You might also expect slight post-treatment sensitivity from the micro-needling if using it. Compare to other institutions offering PRP, our technique and procedure is not painful (or minimally for very sensitive people) as we use the renowned mesogun U225.

PRP U225


How Many Sessions Would I Need?


For best results, you will need 2 or 3 treatments about 4 to 6 weeks apart. You may also need additional maintenance procedures annually.

Overall, most patients notice better skin tone, skin tightening, and volume after this treatment.


What you should know before PRP Treatment?


The PRP procedure is totally safe for the majority of people. However, for medical reasons, we do not offer this treatment for those with clotting conditions that require blood thinners or those with other blood-related health issues.

We need to stress the importance of setting realistic expectations for the results of nonsurgical treatments like PRP. This will not provide the same result as a Face-lift surgery for instance. However, if you are looking for a more natural, non-invasive treatment that can help get a noticeable result then PRP might be for you.

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