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Discover Profhilo: This is a wonderful skin rejuvenation treatment loved by celebrities and beauty editors!

In fact, this treatment is great at promoting radiance and hydration as well as correcting saggy and wrinkled skin.


Our skin is our largest organ and requires care. Wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation are inevitable skin woes that often appear as we age. And, the main culprit is photoaging that damages the skin. It is caused by exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) light. Responsible for 90 percent of visible changes to the skin, photoaging is a direct result of cumulative sun damage you’ve been exposed to throughout your life.

Aging is natural but photoaging boosts the process and we certainly want to avoid that. The good news is that Profhilo can help in rejuvenating the skin.

Understanding Your Skin

Your skin is composed of three layers i.e. the epidermis (outermost layer); the dermis (middle layer); and the subcutis (bottom-most layer). The dermis contains collagen, elastin, and other fibers that support the skin’s structure. It is these elements that give skin a smooth and youthful appearance.

The UV radiation that affects the skin is composed of UVA and UVB. When UV rays hit the skin, they damage its DNA, and cells in the dermis increase the production of melanin in the epidermis. This is why most people tan, which is actually just a process to prevent further damage to your skin.

This said UVA rays are mostly responsible for much of the damage we associate with photoaging. UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, where they damage the collagen fibers. This damage increases the production of abnormal elastin. Then, more elastin results in the production of metalloproteinases (an enzyme that rebuilds damaged collagen). However, through this process metalloproteinases often malfunction and degrade the collagen, resulting in incorrectly reshaping the skin. As this process is repeated with daily UVA exposure, the incorrectly rebuilt skin forms wrinkles and the depleted collagen results in aging the skin.

UVA affects the skin but also other environmental aggressors such as pollution and some lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking.

So, what is Profhilo?

Profhilo contains the purest, highest concentration of hyaluronic acid without any chemical agents.

This sought-after treatment has unique regenerative benefits that deeply hydrate your skin as well as provide a unique lifting and tightening effect.

In fact, not only does Profhilo hydrate and act like scaffolding within the skin, it also triggers a response in the tissue known as ‘bio-remodeling’ which smooths, tightens, and gives your skin an inner glow.

What is Profhilo made of?

Profhilo contains pure, high-grade hyaluronic acid. Moreover, this product does not contain any synthetic additives.

In fact, Hyaluronic acid (HA) HA is a humectant — a substance that retains moisture — and it is capable of binding over one thousand times its weight in water. HA is a naturally occurring polymer which the body uses to keep cells hydrated and well supported. As we age, the production of key substances in the skin, including hyaluronic acid (along with collagen and elastin) decreases. As a result, our skin loses volume, hydration, and plumpness.

Contrary to many dermal fillers that contain BDDE, Profhilo does not. BDDE is a chemical that is cross-linked to hyaluronic acid to slow the rate at which the body breaks it down. Therefore, with Profhilo there is a lower risk of hypersensitive reactions to the treatment.


BAP technique for PROFHILO procedure?

The PROFHILO formulation is injected into precise locations into your skin using specific Bio Aesthetic Points technique (also known as BAP technique) as illustrated below:

The BAP technique maximises the diffusion in the malar and sub-malar areas by specifically choosing anatomically respective areas involving 5 injections per side.

The gentle and slow injections offer maximum comfort during the treatment. In some areas that have a high chance of bruising, special blunt needles (cannula) can be used. Once injected, the product immediately starts spreading due to the high concentration of HA and its cohesive nature.

Benefits of Profhilo

Profhilo has a transformative effect on skin health and appearance and accomplishes multiple benefits for the skin such as:

  • Stimulates production of four types of collagen and elastin;
  • Significantly reduces skin laxity;
  • Makes skin firmer;
  • Makes skin remarkably supple;
  • Restores volume to sagging and sunken areas;
  • Tightens skin for a more taut, youthful appearance;
  • Provides deep hydration;
  • Can be used preventatively to avoid loss of volume and dullness;
  • Clearer and radiant effect/ glowing appearance;
  • Can be used on multiple areas: face, neck, décolletage, arms, knees, and hands.

How does Profhilo work?

This non-surgical procedure uses an incredibly pure form of synthetic hyaluronic acid which is injected strategically into the upper layers of the skin with a very small needle.

Consequently, this hyaluronic acid disperses evenly into the skin where it has a ‘scaffolding’ action on the tissues and begins its bio-remodeling process to improve skin laxity and rejuvenation.

How long does Profhilo take to work?

For the best results, Profhilo works in two stages and requires two treatments within a month.

After the first treatment, the injections begin to stimulate four different types of Collagen and Elastin and slowly release Hyaluronic Acid: this acts as the activation stage. Then, after the second treatment, you will see instant results – the elevation stage.

Immediately there will be a boost of hydration from within, leaving your skin feeling smoother, tighter, and intensely nourished.

Additionally, the treatment lasts up to 8 months but can vary depending on the individual and on their skin’s aging process.

How long should a Profhilo treatment take?

The Profhilo treatment itself is relatively quick, however, it depends also on the number of areas to be treated. It can be as quick as 10 minutes to treat one area.

Does Profhilo work straight away?

Some patients may experience an immediate improvement thanks to the hydrating effect. This said it can take a few weeks before the results of the treatment start to be noticed – as the Profhilo encourages the body to produce its own collagen and elastin.

After a month or so, the skin feels smoother, softer, tighter, and plumper. At this point, we recommend a second treatment in order to fully stimulate collagen and elastin production for optimal results.

How long does Profhilo last?

As mentioned, Profhilo works in the skin for around a month after treatment. From then on, it will have been fully metabolised by the body. By this time, it will have stimulated natural collagen and elastin production in your body. As a result, the rejuvenating impact will continue even after Profhilo has been naturally broken down.

After initial treatments, a Profhilo treatment every six months should be sufficient to maintain the benefits.

Difference between Profhilo and dermal fillers?

Due to the way that Profhilo is formulated, it is not regarded as a volumizing treatment in the same way that Dermal Fillers are.

Dermal Fillers are used to enhancing specific areas of the face, like the lips, the chin, etc. It works to treat individual concerns, facial imbalances, acne scars, and restore volume loss.

Profhilo is primarily a hydrating treatment and works to restore vitality across the whole appearance. The Hyaluronic Acid it contains is dispersed evenly throughout the face, giving your skin a more plump, deeply hydrated, and firm complexion.

Is Profhilo safe?

The treatment is biocompatible due to its pure grade hyaluronic acid which is free of additives, therefore reducing side effects and offering greater safety. Therefore, it is a safe treatment to have!

Profhilo Post-treatment

You should avoid touching or applying makeup on the treated area for 6 hours in order to prevent infection. The treatment areas can potentially appear slightly bumpy and raised post-treatment. This will reduce very quickly.

What is the cost of Profhilo treatment?

One session of Profhilo is £350. At least two treatments are recommended at a price of £650 and the most optimal result is seen approximately 3-4 weeks after the final treatment.

Thereafter  “maintenance session” is required 6-12 monthly depending on the degree of correction required, your age, and lifestyle. This is important in order to sustain and even improve the desired results.

How old do I have to be to have Profhilo?

There are no age restrictions for having Profhilo. However, we usually recommend it from the age of 30 onwards.

Profhilo is a great treatment for patients looking to improve and rejuvenate their skin.


Where to have Profhilo treatment in London?

Nar London is located on Harley Street. We offer Profhilo treatments and other anti-ageing solutions. Do not hesitate to book a free consultation should you wish to discuss this treatment. If you are familiar with Profhilo and its amazing benefits, you can also book your treatment directly online.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nar London on Harley Street.