Did you know that PRP is a skin rejuvenation technique that has been around for several decades?

You probably already know about the benefits of PRP? Maybe you already had this treatment and just want to know more? Perhaps, it is the first time you are considering having PRP?

 Here below you can learn some more about the PRP Facial treatment available at Nar London, Harley Street.

PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

By now, you have probably heard about the PRP facial to reverse classic signs of aging in men and women. This autologous treatment uses growth factors from your own blood platelets at high concentrations to restore a youthful glow to your skin.

Indeed, through stimulation of your skin’s collagen generation and elastin, your skin looks radiant and rejuvenated with a natural, non-surgical procedure.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP refers to platelet-rich plasma therapy – a treatment that uses a series of tiny injections of a composition of your own blood which triggers your stem cells and collagen generation in the cells of your skin. Moreover, PRP is also used to help stimulate new hair follicles for men and women suffering from hair loss.

Actually, PRP has been around for decades and is used in the fields of dentistry, Sports, and Aesthetics. In place of chemical medications and invasive techniques, PRP therapy uses a natural serum and is minimally invasive. In fact, the PRP serum is essentially a concentrated form of growth factors, platelets, and other healing agents. The body produces these agents naturally to help with the healing of injuries, wounds, skin rejuvenation, and hair loss.

Many Celebrities Love PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma is a sought-after treatment that is growing in popularity. In fact, PRP facelift is a favorite treatment amongst high-profile actors and celebrities.  In particular, Kim Kardashian West and Gisèle Bündchen made it known by taking the “Vampire Facial” picture that went viral on social media. On one hand, the “Instagram effect” led to more people knowing about the benefits of this natural treatment. On the other hand, some people got a bit scared because of the nicknames such as the Vampire Facial and Dracula Therapy. This said the gore picture was more to be sensational rather than a semblance of reality. Furthermore, there is nothing scary about PRP treatment, and the benefits on your skin in the months following treatment are real. So, if you are looking for a natural treatment to revitalize your skin and reverse the signs of aging without the need for surgery then PRP is the way to go.

Why Do I Need PRP Facial Rejuvenation?

Well, unfortunately, we all have to face the signs of ageing and the loss of collagen and elastin. The great thing is that PRP injections use the high concentration of growth factors and platelets to effectively boost the skin’s ability to rejuvenate on its own – without surgery and medication. It’s when these concentrated platelets are injected into your skin that they release healing proteins called growth factors which are used by your cells to accelerate tissue repair and improve wound healing.

So, what does this mean for your facial skin? The PRP treatment is encouraging your body to use its own healing processes more effectively, rejuvenating your tired, dull, aged skin and replacing damaged skin cells with new ones. As a result, your body starts producing collagen and elastin that are necessary for radiant, youth-looking skin.

What can PRP Facial do?

There are many benefits to having a PRP Facial, here below we list some of them:

  • Smooths Wrinkles and Fine lines
  • Skin Tightening and Skin Toning
  • Nonsurgical, safe, no downtime
  • Sources healing factors from your own blood
  • Removes excess pigment (hyperpigmentation/age spots)
  • Diminishes scarring caused by acne, trauma, surgery, or burns
  • Repairs skin at the cellular level
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Restores a healthy, youthful glow
  • Minimises Crow’s feet
  • Healthier and Smoother skin
  • Improves Skin Hydration

How do we create the PRP Serum?

A typical session of PRP therapy may not take more than 30 to 45 minutes. And, since it has no side effects or after effects, you won’t need any downtime. Here’s how we prepare PRP:

  1. Our qualified practitioner harvests a small amount of your blood from the forearm.
  2.  We extract the blood inside a special PRP sterilised tube that prevents the clotting of the blood;
  3. Then, the PRP tubes are placed in a centrifugal device that spins them at high speeds.
  4. Consequently, the motion causes the blood to separate into three distinct layers.
  5. Our practitioner uses aspiration methods to carefully extract the upper layers (golden liquid) containing the platelets and other growth factors.
  6. Finally, the “golden liquid” is then injected into the desired area (face or scalp)

There are three types of cells in our bloodstream:

  • Red blood cells (erythrocytes)carry oxygen & carbon dioxide;
  • White blood cells (leukocytes) fight infections;
  • Platelets enable clotting and promote the healing of injured body tissues.

Platelets contain growth factors, which send signals to the body and help control inflammation, heal tissues, stimulate blood flow and even increase the production of collagen.

What are the applications of PRP?

The cosmetic applications of a PRP Facial are varied, due to the powerful ability of the natural serum to heal, promote collagen production and stimulate stem cell growth:

  • PRP for Wrinkles / Skin Rejuvenation

In fact, platelet-rich plasma injections are proven to diminish signs of aging and restore a healthy glow to dull skin. As PRP can work on fine lines and wrinkles on many areas of the face including around the eyes (crow’s feet) and nose (bunny lines). Furthermore, PRP works on smoothing lines at the corners of the mouth (frown and smile lines), as well as lines on the horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead.

  • PRP for Photodamaged Skin / Hyperpigmentation / Age Spots

PRP promotes skin renewal, which will work to even out skin tone. As a result, any discoloration of the skin will diminish. Specifically, it will work on damage caused by photoaging, melasma or other skin conditions that can cause dark spots.

  • PRP for Acne Scars / Burns / Skin Texture Renewal

Indeed, injections will repair underlying collagen to improve skin’s texture. Specifically, it can heal all types of acne scars, including ice pick scars, boxcar scars, atrophic scars, and rolling scars. Further, any scarring caused by trauma or burns can be diminished from therapy. A series of treatments is recommended for best results.

Is PRP Facial safe?

Yes, it is a safe treatment. In fact, PRP comes from your own blood so there’s no need to worry about allergic reactions or your body rejecting a foreign substance.

How long does PRP Facial last?

The length of the PRP results depends on the condition of your skin, as well as the quality of your platelets. For general skin renewal, the PRP Facial is effective when performed every two to six months. For acne scarring, hyperpigmentation or to target a specific skin problem, three sessions that are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart are recommended. Our practitioner can assess your needs and make individual recommendations about PRP Facial cost and treatment plan.

In Summary, Here’s What the PRP Facial is All About

Also called Vampire Facials and Dracula Therapy, PRP Facial treatments are popular with celebrities, models, actors to rejuvenate their skin and erase signs of aging like lines, wrinkles, creases, and folds of skin. PRP therapy has the effect of restoring the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin so that it is more effective in supporting its suppleness.

Should you wish,  you can combine PRP with mesotherapy to enhance the results and to provide a youthful glow.

PRP Facial in Harley Street

For those looking to improve and get beautiful, smooth, and glowing skin then PRP is a great option. During this nonsurgical procedure, we extract PRP from your own blood and the protein-rich part of the blood is injected back into the skin. Consequently, the healing, growth factors in the PRP stimulate a process of skin repair — stem cells grow, collagen is boosted, blood circulation is encouraged. As a result, wrinkles, discoloration, or age spots fade. An even skin tone and texture are restored. Skin is more vibrant, radiant, and youthful.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial London

The PRP Facial treatment is available at Nar London, we are located in World famous Harley Street. If you live or visit London, you can give us a call on 0203 633 1980 or book a treatment or consultation online (50 GBP that can be redeemed against the treatment).


source images: Kim Kardashian West Instagram/ Gisele Bundchen Vogue Italia