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Suffering from hair loss is a distressing condition for millions of men and women alike.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical procedure for those experiencing hair loss, receding hairline, and also hair follicles miniaturisation.

Miniaturisation happens when the strands of hair become thinner and thinner with each hair cycle. The good news is that PRP hair growth restoration is a safe, natural solution that involves injecting the scalp with platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood to restore miniaturised follicles and repair damaged tissues.

Our goal at Nar London is to provide patients with the best PRP hair treatment in London, UK.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

As mentioned, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is obtained from the patient’s own blood. Indeed, a small sample of blood is drawn in a similar manner as with a routine blood test. The blood is then spun in a specialised centrifuge to separate out the platelets, which are rich in growth factors. These substances are essential for stimulating growth in living cells. The PRP substance has a “golden” colour that we subsequently inject into the scalp area to stimulate hair growth and promote healing.

Benefits of PRP for Hair Loss:


In fact, the PRP solution is created by and uses the patient’s own blood and hence the risk of running into any problems is very low. There is virtually no risk of cross-contamination or allergic reactions. This is one of the leading natural, non-surgical treatments for hair regrowth.

Efficient Treatment

Tackling hair loss is difficult and there is no miracle cure. This said the PRP solution helps boost the protein in the body which can naturally help produce stronger hair follicles on the scalp. When the PRP substance is injected into the scalp, it reinvigorates hair follicles, and the results are visible a few months after treatment. However, please note that the results can vary from person to person.

Very Fast Recovery Time

Some surgical procedures like hair transplants take time to heal. On the other hand, the recovery time for PRP is very fast. There is virtually no downtime and in some cases, there could be slight swelling that should last for 24 hours or so. Though, most patients can go back to their daily activities right away after treatment.


PRP treatment at Nar London is usually not painful as we use the painless U225 Mesogun. Though, some patients may experience very mild discomfort. Also, inflammation and temporary soreness are possible but temporary.

How Does PRP Hair Restoration Work?

The aim of PRP hair restoration is to stimulate hair follicles for healthier, more robust hair growth. In fact, hair follicles that are not growing may not actually be dead, but rather dormant, damaged, or compromised. And that is why the rich growth factors found within platelet-rich plasma can activate stem cells in non-producing hair follicles. As a result, the substance promotes cell growth and encourages the formation of new blood vessels to carry blood and nutrients to regenerate follicles. This is a natural process that uses powerful growth factors of your own body to generate hair growth.

PRP Hair Growth Procedure

Most clinics use a local anesthetic to numb the target areas of the scalp as they do the procedure manually with a syringe that can be quite painful on the scalp. However, at Nar London, we use the U225 Mesogun to ensure a relatively painless experience. Using the U225’s very fine needles, the PRP solution is injected into the scalp, concentrating on the areas that display the most severe hair loss. We inject the PRP in a specific pattern to maximise the regenerative effects of the PRP treatment. Moreover, the procedure is safe as we use your own enriched platelets so there is virtually no risk of cross-contamination or allergic reaction.

How long does the PRP treatment take?

You should expect the treatment to do in about 60 minutes. It could take a little bit more time if combined with mesotherapy.

What to do Before PRP Hair Treatment?

The success of the treatment is highly correlated with the quality of your platelets and growth factors. In a word, the goods come from within you. Therefore, we recommend not smoking and avoiding drinking alcohol as long as you can before treatment. Moreover, eat healthily and drink plenty of water and other healthy juices. Ultimately adopting a healthy lifestyle is valuable for your overall health and not just for the PRP procedure.

What to Expect After PRP Hair Treatment?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort after PRP hair restoration injections. Though, there may be temporary very mild swelling of the scalp after the procedure. If that is the case, you should avoid strenuous physical activity until the swelling has completely subsided. Also, you should avoid washing your hair for 24 hours post-treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration Results

Again, hair restoration with PRP injections is a safe, non-surgical treatment with virtually no downtime, no scarring, and natural-looking results. Most studies have shown that patients see new hair growth and improvement in density and thickness a few months after a PRP hair regeneration procedure. This said, we recommend several sessions and wait between four to eight months before optimal results are visible. Additionally, one maintenance session per year is very beneficial. Tackling hair loss is difficult and takes time and one should not expect a quick fix. Many patients at our clinic achieve dramatic, long-lasting results after PRP treatment. Ultimately, the benefits are clearly visible with the before and after pictures, and patients are often astonished by the positive hair growth.

PRP Hair Treatment in London

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss or your hair is thinning over time and that is affecting you emotionally then reach out. If you want to undergo a natural non-invasive treatment, then PRP can be a great option. Nar London in Harley Street can tailor a personalised treatment plan to restore hair. PRP hair restoration can be performed alone or in combination with other non-surgical treatments, such as Mesotherapy. Schedule a one-on-one free consultation or book your session(s) directly online. Do not let hair loss affect you detrimentally emotionally as there are solutions.

What is the cost of PRP for hair loss?

1 session £450

3 session £1250

6 session £2200

PRP can also be combined with mesotherapy to enhance the results.

Free hair loss consultation in London?

​Yes, at Nar London, Harley Street, we offer one initial free hair consultation should you wish to have one.

PRP hair treatment near me?

We are based in World famous Harley Street, London, UK. If you are based in London or can travel to central London then book a treatment or a free consultation.

If you’re suffering from excessive hair loss, do not despair and be confused by all the potential causes. At Nar London, we help women and men with hair loss to identify the root cause and find the right treatment plan.

Nar London Clinic, Harley Street, offers non-invasive treatments such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (N-PRP) or Platelet-Rich Fibrin (i-PRF), and also we can work on a tailored protocol that supports your overall health.



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