If you are experiencing hair loss then you are not alone as the condition affects millions of men and women in the UK.

If so, Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical treatment for those experiencing hair loss and a receding hairline.

When follicle hair miniaturisation happens then the strands of hair get thinner with each passing hair cycle. Thankfully, PRP hair treatment can help restore miniaturised follicles and repair damaged tissues.

If interested, Nar London offers patients high-quality  PRP hair treatment in London, UK.

The Origin: Platelet-Rich Plasma comes from your blood

We obtain PRP from a small sample of blood drawn. Then, we spin the tube through centrifugation to separate out the platelets, cytokines, and other valuable growth factors. After obtaining the platelet-rich plasma, we inject the rich substance into the scalp. As a consequence, PRP stimulates hair follicles and promotes healing.

What are the benefits of PRP for Hair?

There are many benefits to having a PRP procedure if you are suffering from hair loss:

  • PRP solution comes from the patient’s own blood and therefore there is virtually no risk of cross-contamination or allergic reactions.
  • Tackling hair loss is very hard. Yet, PRP is recognised to be an effective non-surgical treatment. This said the results can vary from individual to individual. The quality of your own platelets matters.
  • The recovery time for PRP is very fast so you can go back to your activities right away after treatment.
  • In our clinic, we use the U225 Mesogun for a painless experience.

What do PRP hair injections do?

The goal of PRP is to ultimately stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair growth. The truth is that hair follicles may not actually be dead, but dormant. In that case, the rich substance of platelet-rich plasma helps activate cells in non-producing hair follicles.

How long does PRP Hair take?

Generally, PRP hair treatment takes about 1 hour.

What do I need to do before PRP Hair?

The quality of your platelets and other growth factors in your blood is key. Hence, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We recommend refraining from smoking and avoiding alcohol. Furthermore, try to eat healthily and drink plenty of water. These good habits will benefit your overall health and not just for PRP.

What can I Expect After PRP Hair?

Most people experience minimal discomfort after PRP hair injections. There can be temporary mild swelling of the scalp after the treatment. If so, avoid strenuous physical activity until the swelling subsides. Finally, avoid washing your hair for 24 hours before treatment.

What are the PRP Hair Results?

Most scientific research shows that PRP can create new hair growth and improve density a few months after the procedure. For best results, we advise several sessions. In addition, one maintenance session per year is beneficial. Please note that hair loss is difficult to tackle and takes time. Finally, we need to stress that results can vary from person to person. This said PRP is one of the best non-surgical hair restoration treatments today.

Where to have PRP Hair Treatment in London?

Nar London, Harley Street offers PRP hair treatment. We have helped hundreds of people and you can have a free consultation if interested in PRP or book directly your sessions online.

How much cost PRP for hair loss?

At Nar London, we use the best quality tubes and best equipment.

Our prices are as follows:

1 session £475

3 session £1300

6 session £2450

Please note that combining PRP and mesotherapy enhances the results.

Can I have a Free hair loss consultation?

​Indeed, at Nar London, Harley Street, we offer one initial free hair consultation as we know how distressing hair loss is for many people.

PRP hair injection London near me?

If you are based in London, UK, or can travel to central London then book your PRP treatment or your free hair loss consultation.

Nar London helps women and men with hair loss issues and can help find the right treatment plan.

Discover Platelet-Rich Plasma (N-PRP) or Platelet-Rich Fibrin (i-PRF). Additionally, we offer a tailored protocol that supports your overall health through integrative Health.