PRF for Dark Circles and Hollows

The natural treatment to tackle under-eye circles and hollows


You probably have enough of those dark circles that makes you look tired and older.

You might have bought several concealers in a frantic search to find a miracle product to help you hide them. Unfortunately, even if make-up can help a bit, they simply conceal and are not an answer to this issue.

Dark circles

Here is the thing, Dark circles or hollow under eyes have a variety of causes. Indeed, that can be related to genetics, thin skin, chronic illness, or bone and tissue loss.

As we age, we experience volume loss, loss of facial fat, muscles atrophy, and bones begin to recede, all of which impact the under the eyes area and lead to a more sunken look and dark circles.  Moreover, with age, we also lose collagen and this accentuates the thinning skin in this delicate area.

  • Dark Circles on Fair Skin tone

For those fair-skinned, the thinning skin will make your under-eye color with that blue or purple look.

  • Dark Circles on darker skin tone

For those with darker skin tones, more often than not, the dark circles are more related to genetics rather than thinning skin. For instance, the issue of hyperpigmentation is more prevalent in darker skin tones than fairer skin types.

  • Multiple reasons

This said, for either darker skin or fairer skin tones, there is a multitude of possible causes for chronic dark circles. Henceforth, we need to assess each person’s unique condition that leads to under-eye circles.

Can PRF help with Dark Circles & Sunken Eyes?

Everyone would love to have a magic treatment that can reverse and treat dark circles, but unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. This being said PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) is definitely our favorite to improve dark circles in a 100% natural way.

Indeed, PRF, which comes from your own blood helps collagen production and new cell growth. As a result, PRF helps tighten thinning skin under the eyes and improves the overall tone and texture of the under eye area. Furthermore,This is an ideal treatment for a variety of skin tones and improves hyperpigmentation.

PRF vs Dermal Fillers

Our preference between dermal fillers and PRF is the latter one. The reason being that traditional fillers injected under the eyes can potentially  lead to a puffy look or even increase a blueish appearance to the area. Moreover, fillers can also in some cases sink to the lower part of the face. Furthermore, many of them do not address fine lines and crepey skin under the eyes, whereas PRF actually stimulates collagen production and cell growth. Additionally, Platelet-Rich Fibrin is a 100% natural treatment that heal from within.

PRF under eye injections take approximately 45 minutes, and we recommend a minimum of 2 treatments spaced a few weeks apart.

How do we obtain Platelet-Rich Fibrin?

We harness PRP (platelet-rich Fibrin) from the patient’s own blood. The procedure is as follows:

  • First, a small sample of blood is drawn in a similar manner as with a routine blood test.
  • The blood is spun in a dedicated centrifuge to separate out the platelets and rich growth factors.
  • We subsequently inject the PRF substance into the under-eye area to improve dark circles and also the skin texture.

Should I consider PRF for under-eyes?

In our view, the benefits of PRF are manifold:

  •  PRF solution has virtually no risk of cross-contamination or allergic reactions. If you are looking for a leading natural, proven non-surgical treatment for dark circles then PRF is a great option.
  • Dealing with the delicate under-eye area is difficult and PRF should not be seen as a miracle cure. However, PRF therapy can help improve loss volume and pigmentation under-the-eyes. Please note that the results can vary from person to person.
  • There is virtually no down Time however slight swelling, soreness is possible but temporary. That that can last for 24 hours. In most cases, however, most patients can go back to their daily activities after treatment.
  • PRF under-eye injections at Nar London are usually not painful.

What should I do Before PRF under-eye Treatment?

As the success of the treatment is highly correlated with the quality of your platelets and growth factors, we recommend not smoking and avoiding drinking alcohol as long as you can before treatment. In addition, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water and other healthy juices is beneficial. In sum, adopting a healthy lifestyle is positive for your overall health and not just for the PRF procedure.

What Should I Expect After PRF Treatment?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort after PRF under-eye restoration injections. Though, there may be temporary very mild swelling after the procedure. If so, you should avoid strenuous physical activity until the swelling has completely subsided.

How long does PRF under-eye take?

You should expect the PRP treatment to be done in about 45 minutes. It could take a little bit more time if combined with mesotherapy.

What are the PRF Under-eye Results?

Tackling dark circles and sunken eyes is difficult and takes time. Many patients at our clinic achieve great results after PRP treatment. Though like any treatements, results can vary from one person to the next.

PRF can stimulate dermal fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis. Studies suggest that growth factor-β1 and epidermal growth factor in PRF inhibit melanin production. In addition, PRF improves fat graft survival and can be used in combination with autologous fat grafts for dark circles.

For the treat-ment of dark circles, PRF is intradermally multi-injected over each lower eyelid. . Though, we recommend having several sessions to enhance the chances of results. Moreover, the improvement does not happen overnight and we recommend waiting between three to eight months before optimal results are visible. Furthermore, we also recommend having one or two maintenance sessions per year. The fact is that satisfaction in the majority of patient indicate that PRF therapy is an effective and safe treatment for dark circles and tear through.

Am I a good candidate for PRP hair?

PRF can help those experiencing dark circles and sunken eyes. In addition,

However, there are contraindications related to some health conditions that prevent having this treatment. These include but are not limited to platelet dysfunction syndrome, critical thrombocytopenia, hemodynamic instability, and septicemia. You can speak with our practitioner if you have one condition that should be assessed.

PRF Under-Eye Treatment in London

You can have PRF for the under-eyes at Nar London is located in Harley Street, UK.

How much does PRP cost?

At Nar London, PRP Hair treatment starts at £175 and a package of 3 sessions for £450.

Can I have a Free under-eye consultation in London?

​Yes, at Nar London, Harley Street, we offer one initial free hair consultation should you wish to have one.

PRF under-eye treatment near me?

If you are based in London or can travel to central London then book a treatment or a free consultation.