Eyelash extentions is a craft

We use a tailored approach for each of our clients in order to deliver the ultimate look. We offer 2 different types of Lash Extensions: One by One and Volume Lashes

One by one extensions


One by one extensions is an application of an individual lashes to your natural lashes and its depending on your desire (Open eyes, doll eyes, cat eyes or just natural). On this procedure first we check the condition of your natural lashes to make sure we choose the right thickness so that your natural lashes will not get damage.



Russian Volume extensions


Russian Volume extensions are created by a highly skilled lash technician. We take very fine silk lashes and make them in fan shape and place them in each natural lashes as an extension. If you would like to create a stunning fluffy effect with lashes you should try Russian Volume Extensions. They are so soft that you will not even feel that you have lash extentions.


Treatment Time for Full Set:

One by one lashes: 1hr 30 mins

Russian Volume Extensions: 2:30 – 3hrs



Full Set up to 4 -6 weeks. Usually we recommend a top up on the third week. So you can keep it full longer. However, duration is also depending on the care post procedure. At the end of the procedure you should not apply water on the lashes for 24 hrs. Also using Sauna or oily make-up removers or oils and creams around the eye area might reduce the duration of the lashes.


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Nar London has been featured among the highest rated eyelash extension place by Treatwell in 2018.

One by One Lash Extensions
Full set (1h 30 mins)
Express Set (45 mins)
Half of your lashes will have the extensions
Quarter Set or Top ups (30 mins)

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Russian Volume Lash Extensions
Full set (2h 30mins)
Half set (1h 15 mins)
Top Ups (45 mins)

Please Note: all our treatments are done by Fully Qualified and Insured Therapists