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Lash Lifting


How it works


Lash Lift enhances your natural lashes at the root which gives the effect of  longer lashes with no extensions. Indeed, this technique bends back the lashes towards the eyelids and we then apply a straightening fixing serum. Finally, we finish with tinting and by applying a nourishing serum.


This is a great treatment for those who are not keen on eyelash extensions and prefer to have more natural looking eyelashes.


We have performed lash lift treatment for many years and henceforth have mastered the art of creating beautifully lifted lashes.


Treatment Time: 40 mins

Duration: 6-8 weeks


Please note: We require a patch test at least 24 hours before the treatment. Click here to book your free Patch Test appointment. Please note that if you book an online appointment without a patch test you will need to sign a disclaimer form.


If  you would like to find out more about our Eyelash Extensions click here.

LVL Lash Lifting with Tinting

Please Note: all our treatments are done by Fully Qualified and Insured Therapists

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