Eye Mesotherapy

What is Mesotherapy for the Eye area?


This treatment is a superficial injection of Vitamins and Hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the eye area.


The Eye area is the most noticeable and can make us look tired, energised, older or younger looking.  Therefore, our Eye Protocol uses some great vitamins & amino acids to rejuvenate this area to bring brighter under eyes and reduced wrinkles. You will look and feel refreshed and younger.


Best for :


Reducing wrinkles and fine lines;

Reducing dark circle;

Brightening the eye area;

Reducing puffiness and under eye bags;

Reducing tired look;


How often should I do the Mesotherapy for Eyes?


You can do whenever you feel you need a boost. Though, we advise 3 sessions every 6 months.

Eye Mesotherapy
3x Eye Mesotherapy