Eyelash extension is a craft

Stand out with our tailored Lash Extensions! Choose between Individual or Volume Lashes:


Eyelash extensions are not something that you should choose without consideration. Proper application requires skilled hands and a level of dexterity that only the best can achieve. That is why we consider it that eyelash extension is indeed a craft.

Our specialist will consult with you to evaluate your needs and design the perfect eyelash extension theme to fit your unique features. We can help you achieve everything from a natural look to something more dramatic and eye-catching.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that your extensions perfectly complement your facial features, the shape of your eyes, and your overall look. If you’re ready to feel and see the difference that the best eyelash extensions in Harley Street can make then book your favourite lash extensions.

Individual extensions


The individual extension is an application of individual lashes to your natural lashes and gets the look you desire (Open eyes, doll eyes, cat eyes, or just natural).

We use high-quality silk extensions with a variety of curls. ( C, D, and J curl) available sizes 7mm till 18mm. If you are not sure about curls & sizes just leave it to us. We will choose the best option for you.

Full Set: Each natural eyelash will have an extension and will last longer

Half Set: Half of your natural lash will have an extension. Eg- if you have 100 lashes you will have 50 extensions.

Infills: You need to have a minimum of a quarter of your lashes with extensions to have infills.


Russian Volume extensions


Russian Volume extensions for the most sought-after natural glam look. We take very fine silk lashes and make them in a fan shape and place them in each natural lash as an extension.  They are so soft that you will not even feel that you have lash extensions. Choose between 2D to 6D for the same price!

Full Set: Each natural eyelash will have an extension, great for full impact, and lasts longer. Lasts up to 4 to 5 weeks

Half Set: Half of your natural lash will have an extension. Eg- if you have 100 lashes you will have 50 extensions. Great for natural look lasts up to 2-3 weeks.

Infills: You need to have a minimum of a quarter of your lashes with extensions to have infills.


After Care: 

Duration depends on the care post-procedure. You should not apply water on the lashes for 24 hrs. Avoid using Sauna or oily make-up removers or oils and creams around the eye area as it will reduce the durability of the lashes.


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One by One Lash Extensions
Individual Full set (1h 30 mins)
Individual Half Set (45 mins)
Half of your lashes will have the extensions
Individual infills (30 mins)
Russian Volume Lash Extensions
Volume Full set (2h 30mins)
Volume Half set (1h 15 mins)
Volume Infills (45 mins)

Are Lash Extensions Right for You?

There’s no denying it: eyelash extensions are loved by women all across the World. Each day, many women are discovering just how great they look with the perfect lashes on them. Of course, there are still many women who have yet to give them a try. If you’re one of those women, chances are that you are still wondering whether this is the right beauty option for you. The following questions may help you with that decision.

Are you satisfied with your natural lashes?

Unfortunately, we are not all born with long beautiful lashes. When you look at your natural lashes, what do you see? Are they shorter than you wish they were? Do they lack that perfect curl, thickness, and lush look that you secretly crave?

The truth is, for most women, short, straight, and lifeless lashes are commonplace. If you’ve always wished that your lashes had more to offer, then it’s a safe bet that you should probably consider trying eyelash extension. At Nar London, we consider eyelash extensions as a craft that also requires an aesthetic eye in order to achieve superb results!

Would you like to set aside make-up?

Well, all women I know would love to spend less time of their lives putting on or removing makeup, including mascara and other eye makeup. What a treat would it be to have more time for yourself? In addition, imagine the impact of the wear and tear you’re putting your lashes through with all of those mascara applications and removals. With lash extensions, you can finally have great lashes and more time for yourself!

Who loves a bit of glamour?

Beautiful and stunning lashes are not just the prerogative of famous celebrities or models. You do not need a red carpet to get flawless lashes and do not doubt that this technique adds a “sex appeal”.  With striking extensions, you can have that glamorous and sexy look at an affordable price.

Any special event coming up?

Even if you are not looking to be glamorous every day, there are at times some special occasions you need to attend and want to look your best. In that case, a fresh new set of eyelash extensions could be just the accessory you need.

Lash extensions are the best beauty tips!

Let’s face it, all women crave beautiful lashes. The good thing is that lash extension is available to most women from all walks of life.

The rise in popularity and prevalence of eyelash extensions is perhaps one of the greatest developments in the beauty sector. Prior to the rise of extensions, women with “less gifted” lashes were often consigned to excessive mascara, false eyelashes, or social discomfort. Notwithstanding the fact that those cosmetic products often deteriorate the natural lashes. Now, perfect eyelash extensions are available but you need the right artist to put them.

Amazing Eyelash Extensions

We believe that Lash extensions can truly have a powerful impact on your life. This is a big statement so let’s say it will make a noticeable and visible impact. Particularly, if you have short, lifeless lashes that do nothing to frame the beauty of your eyes, then eyelash extensions will be amazing for you.

With beautifully crafted eyelash extensions, you get:

  • Longer lashes that provide that soft, fluttery lash look long associated with ‘perfect lashes’;
  • Thicker lashes and the type of volume that mascara cannot compete with;
  • Perfectly-curled lashes that help to open up your eyes, creating the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes;
  • A more youthful appearance, as your new lashes, help to focus attention on one of your most youthful features: the eyes!
  • Less reliance on makeup will provide more free time to do the things you love.

It’s no wonder so many women believe that lash extension are the best beauty tip they’ve ever received. Still, we have one more tip for you that might be just as good: rely on Nar London for all your lash extension application and refill needs.

How long will my eyelash extension application take?

At Nar London, we recognize that everyone’s features and lashes are different. The amount of time that any treatment can take depends on a variety of factors – including the volume of your lashes, the shape of your eyes, etc.

We do recommend that you try to have at least an hour free in your schedule, especially if you are coming in for a full set of extensions. Your appointment will generally take a little less time for touch-up treatments.

How are the lash extensions applied?

Our synthetic lashes are carefully applied one by one until the full set of extensions is in place. We then use a special adhesive to bond the extension to the top of the lash. Moreover, we always ensure that we apply the lashes 1 mm from your skin.

Is eyelash extension safe?

Our eyelash extensions and the application process used in our treatments are 100% safe. The adhesives we use are of medical grade, and they never come into contact with anything other than your lash. This said, we always recommend having a patch test to ensure that you do not have any allergic reactions before doing the treatment.

Are your lash artist properly certified and license

Yes, not only our specialist is fully trained and certified but has also countless hours of practicing her craft. Moreover, we use only the best products to ensure that you always get the best eyelash extensions in London.

How long will my set of lashes last?

This might vary from person to person. This said, without any additional treatments, your extensions will typically last anywhere from one to two months ( provided that you stick to your aftercare regimen). However, you can make them last longer if you schedule regular touch-up sessions.

Will my natural eyelashes be damaged by the extensions?

That is a common concern, but this is not a problem. Our practitioner uses techniques that ensure that your natural eyelashes are protected throughout the application process. Of course, you also need to follow the recommended aftercare advice to ensure that you don’t pluck or pull out the extensions, or damage them by rubbing your eyelashes. If you can adhere to those recommended care guidelines your natural eyelashes will remain healthy and undamaged.

Can I use mascara or a curler on my extensions?

All of our eyelash extensions come pre-curled, so they should never need curling. As far as mascara is concerned, the removal of any mascara product carries with it the potential for damaging your extensions. As a result, we do not recommend using either curlers or mascara on your eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions care

While eyelash extension is gaining in popularity, far too many women are not properly taking care of them. Indeed, many extension-wearers fail to follow through on their aftercare advice. Consequently, that often leads to issues down the road. In almost every instance, problems could have been easily avoided with the proper aftercare. And one of the most important elements of that aftercare is daily lash brushing.

Should I have a daily eyelash brush?

Actually, you should be brushing your lashes daily even if you’re not wearing extensions. It requires regular maintenance to remain at its cleanest, healthiest best, and to last longer:

  • You can help to remove any dust, pollen, oils, or eye makeup that may accumulate on the lashes throughout the day. Brushing dislodges those particles preventing buildup over time.
  • Daily brushing can remove bacteria that could cause irritation of the eyes or even infection. To avoid those problems, make sure to use a mild cleaner, clear water rinse, and a clean lash brush to gently comb through your lashes and extensions.
  • Brushing is also an important part of your overall lash maintenance routine. When you brush daily, you can help to keep your lashes and extensions from becoming tangled, bent, or unkempt. That will ensure that you maintain their aesthetic appeal while preventing some damages or wear and tear.

Brushing Properly

Here are some tips on how to brush properly:

  • Always use a clean lash brush or mascara wand to avoid transferring bacteria to the eyes.
  • Brush from the middle of the extension to the end of the lash. Never start at the base, since that could result in the brush pulling the extension out.
  • For optimal results, brush the bottom of your extensions and the top of each lash. That is the best way to ensure that you remove every offending particle of dust, oil, or debris.
  • Do this at least once a day. While it’s good to have an established routine and a set time for brushing, don’t be afraid to brush whenever you notice lashes going in the wrong direction or looking otherwise disheveled.

We hope this can help you keep your lash extensions looking their best for as long as possible.

Where to have the best eyelash extensions in London?

At Nar London, we are primarily a boutique Clinic and not a beauty salon. We offer eyelash extensions primarily because we consider it a craft and we are great at it and most importantly we know the difference it makes in the lives of our clients. Therefore, we are committed to the best lash extensions in London. If you’re ready to discover the benefits that come with a perfect set of eyelashes, then you can schedule your lash extension application appointment. Nar London is located in World famous Harley Street.