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‘Enriched Plasma’ Hair Loss Treatment- NPRP


Hair thinning & hair loss can be distressing to many people and affect millions of men and women. The good news is that hair regrowth is possible depending on the stage and nature of your condition.


In fact, hair loss can be the result of many factors; such as heredity, hormonal changes, stress, ageing, medical conditions, or/and medications. Therefore, it is important to understand the overall state of your condition in order to take the right course of action.


This being said, the ‘Enriched Plasma Hair Loss’ solution (NPRP) is one of the most effective, non-invasive, natural and painless hair growth treatments. It is probably one of the most sought-after treatment in the market today.


This treatment is suitable for both men and women.

How it works?


Platelets contain important growth factor and encourage regrowth of blood vessels, cells and tissue.


Subsequently, the ‘Enriched Plasma treatment’ reverses hair loss by increasing the dermal papilla cells. Therefore, it works best for treating thinning hair and slowing or stopping the progression of hair loss.


Please note that 3 to 6 sessions (depending on cases) per year are recommended for obtaining optimal visible results.

1 session
3 session
6 session
E.P.H.L. +  Mesotherapy
1 session
3 session
6 session
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We collect around 8-10 ml of your own blood and spin it in a centrifuge. Subsequently, this separates white blood cells from red blood cells.  Then, the special “enriched plasma” solution (NPRP) is extracted and injected into the scalp.


At NAR London, we use the highest quality tubes enriched with biotin and this increases the possibility of better results.


Moreover, we use the ‘U225 Meso injector’ device that makes the experience painless in comparison to traditional needles.


To find if you are a suitable candidate, please book a Free consultation with our Hair Loss Specialist.

Downtime: No downtime

Treatment Time: 60 mins

How often: 4 – 6 weeks intervals

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Hair Mesotherapy
1 Session
3 Session
6 Session

Mesotherapy for Hair


Non-invasive technique based on micro-injections directly to the epidermis of the scalp.


How does it work?


Mesotherapy for hair works by giving your scalp a vitamin boost. Indeed, a solution containing a variety of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins specifically tailored for hair is injected into the scalp.


Hence, Mesotherapy targets the main causes of hair loss effectively.  Consequently, this is a recognised treatment that stimulates natural hair growth and reduces hair loss.


Furthermore, this is a pain-free procedure as we use the U225 Meso injector device.




  • Adds volume by stimulating hair growth
  • Reduces excessive and rapid shedding of hair
  • Encourages follicles to move to the anagen phase (growing stage)
  • Helps to neutralize the excess of DHT
  • Stimulates blood circulation


Downtime: No Downtime

Intervals: 2 Weeks

Time: 30 minutes


Hair Loss Blood Test


A blood test to investigate the possible causes of thinning hair and hair loss. It includes tests for testosterone, SHBG, iron status as well as thyroid health.


7 Biomarkers including Hormones, Proteins, Iron Status, Thyroid Hormones, Inflammation.



40 Biomarkers including Hormones, Proteins, Autoimmunity, Liver Health, Minerals, Cholesterol Status, Kidney Health, Iron Status, Thyroid Hormones, Clotting Status, Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Muscle Health, Inflammation, Gout Risk.


* Please take your sample in the morning. CRP levels can be affected by infection, inflammation, and illness. If you are taking this test because you have recently developed symptoms or they are worsening you should discuss these with your doctor. We suggest taking your test when any short-term change in your symptoms has settled. Take this test between days 2 and 5 of your period. It can be taken at any time if you are not having periods. Do not take biotin supplements for 2 days prior to this test. If you are taking prescribed biotin you should discuss this with your doctor. HRT and the contraceptive pill can affect the results of this test, taking the test during a break from these will give more accurate results. Avoid taking a finger-prick sample from a finger used to handle hormone-gels or hormone-pessaries in the past 4 weeks. Avoid heavy exercise and eating meat-rich meals for 48 hours before your test.