Gut Microbiome Test


Gut Microbiome Home Test

Turn Around: 4 to 8 weeks


What is a Gut Microbiome Test?


A gut microbiome test is a method of analysing the health of the gut microbiota.


This test looks at the composition of microbes in a sample of human stool. With the sample labs can analyse which microbes are dominant in the gut. According to your results we can see whether there is a healthy balance of ‘good’ and ’bad’ microbiomes.


The Gut Microbiome Test will bring light on the presence of any pathogen infections, as well as demonstrating the overall health of your gut ecosystem.


You will receive a private consultation with our Wellness Therapist, who will explain your results, answer your questions and design a Personal Action Plan for you.


Gut microbiome test can help you with:


  • Learn how microbes protect you from disease;
  • Understand how diet affects gut bacteria;
  • Optimise microbe’s vitamin synthesis;
  • Get personalised food recommendations;
  • Probiotics and beneficial bacteria report;
  • Which bacteria are currently living in your gut?;
  • Changes you need to make to your dietary habits?;
  • How you can achieve a balanced microbiome community.
  • Bespoke interpretation of lab results

How it Works

First, we will send you the Microbiome test box with some clear instructions:


1) A very small fecal sample is collected in the dedicated tube;


2) Your sample is, then, analysed in the lab using Illumina technology. Consequently, the DNA fragments in your sample are studied to identify your microbes and evaluate their proportion in the microbiome.


Please note that it may take 4–8 weeks before your results are available. Every sample is analysed on a case-by-case basis and we will notify you personally if there are any changes to this timeframe.