PhytoProgenium Shampoo- All Hair Type

Brand: PHYTO

Volume: 250 ml

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PHYTOPROGENIUM SHAMPOO is suitable for all Hair types.


This gentle shampoo with smart prebiotics protects and maintains the balance of the scalp. Day after day, the scalp is protected and balanced, hair is more beautiful, softer, more supple and shiny.


Enriched with softening Oat milk, it provides the utmost protection and gentleness to hair.


A small quantity is enough as the formula is concentrated.


Direction of use

Apply to damp scalp.
Massage in, then rinse.
Apply twice to boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Concentrated formula: a small quantity goes a long way!


Prebiotics complex

Because healthy and beautiful hair involve a well-balanced scalp, Phytosolba Laboratories created their first daily-use shampoo with Prebiotics. This intelligent complex maintains the self-defense of the scalp, by promoting the presence of beneficial microorganisms, to the detriment of the pathogenic ones.

Oat milk

Enrichied with proteins and hydrating lipids, Oat milk brings extreme softness and instantly detangles the hair.

Mallow extraction
Known for its medicinal properties, Mallow is a powerful moistening agent. Through its high mucilage content, it softens and hydrates the hair fiber.

*The list of ingredients may be subject to variations from Phyto. We advise you to always check the list on the purchased product.