Probiotic Acne & Rosacea Treatment

Probiotic Acne


This is a gentle non-invasive probiotic therapy for mild to severe acne and rosacea. Probiotics provide nourishment for the skin’s eco-flora while being toxic to pathogenic bacteria.  In fact, Probiotic therapy rather than killing the bacteria with strong chemicals forces them out to replace them with good microbiomes.


As a result, you will notice improvement on your skin such as:


  • Smooth and matte inflammation-free skin;
  • Tightened pores;
  • Healthy glow;
  • Normal sebum production;
  • Reduced sensitivity.


Time: 45-60 mins


Treatment Duration: Depending on the severity of the skin’s condition 5-15 courses are recommended.

3-7 days intervals between treatment.

If necessary 1 or 2 treatments a month afterward to maintain results.

Probiotic Acne treatment
Single Session
Full Treatment (5 session)
Additional Session (*After full Treatment)

Rosacea & Redness


This treatment is designed for individuals with sensitive skin suffering from redness, rosacea and/or persistent erythema.


How does it work?


Primarily, this treatment provides an anti-inflammatory and calming effect, optimising and accelerating the regeneration process in the skin. Moreover, It strengthens the capillaries, enhances drainage and restores the diversity of the healthy microbiome on the skin surface.


The biotech ingredients stimulating the synthesis of structural proteins of the skin are used in the treatment for the correction of wrinkles, restoration of skin tone and elasticity, as well as prevention of further development of age related changes.





  • Helps the healing of inflammations, redness and sensitivity;
  • Accelerates restoration and skin regeneration;
  • Anti-inflammatory and calming effect;
  • Quick development of healthy microflora with prebiotics;
  • Suppresses allergic reactions & reduces  skin’s sensitivity;
  • Improves damaged skin;
  • Evening out the colour and texture;
  • Quicker recovery after chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser and facial surgery.


Time: 45-60 minutes

Course duration: Recommended course of 5 treatments in 3–5 weeks.

Rosacea and Redness treatment
Single Session
Full Treatment (5 session)
Additional Session (*After full Treatment)