Food Intolerance + Candida Test

“Let the Food be thy Medicine” Hippocrates


As you know, Food can either be beneficial or can have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the food you can eat and food you should avoid. For that, we offer the IgG Food Map which is one of the most comprehensive food intolerance tests.




In fact, the screen includes 190 foods + Candida and this test is an easy way to assess a large number of potential adverse food reactions.  Also, it contains a hemp allergy marker because it is very common now as a food source or as medical CBD.


Additionnally, this test will assess your level of Candida albicans i.e. a strain of yeast that is good in small doses, but can throw your body off balance if you have too much (Candida overgrowth).


The importance of IgG testing


To start with, IgG is an immune chemical that indicates immune sensitivity to a particular food. And having IgG reactions can stress the immune system leading to inflammation in the body. That is why we recommend Immunoglobulin G (IgG) food testing to understand which food is causing inflammations in your body and as it is a useful guide for a structured “elimination diet”.


As a matter of fact, People with multiple IgG food reactions often suffer headaches, migraines, skin issues, joint discomfort, and other body pain. Consequently, the elimination of IgG-positive foods may improve symptoms.


The IgG Food Map + Candida tests reactions to:

-Beans and Peas


Latest & reliable technology


This test uses GPL’s xMAP® that detects all food antibodies with greater precision and is considered to be of superior technology.



√ Lab Test
√ Doctor’s Review of Test Results
√ Doctor’s Recommended Course of Action


Turnaround Time

2-4 weeks upon receipt of the sample.

IgG Food intolerance Test + Candida