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Rejuvenate your complexion and get rid of pigmentation with a ME LINE peel.

In general, dark spots caused by chronic sun exposure can be of two types: lentigo or melasma. Me Line is the leading brand in treating hyperpigmentation resulting both from melasma and lentigines.

Treating Melasma

On one hand, melasma tends to affect women more and primarily appears as a result of hormonal changes. In general, this type of hyperpigmentation appears on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, and chin areas.

Treating Lentigines

Often, Lentigines are caused by the effects of UV light. In addition, they also appear due to the natural skin ageing process. Usually, those spots tend to be localised mainly on the forehead, chest, arms, shoulders, and back.


MELINE Procedure


Thus, ME LINE uses a controlled dermabrasion process that peels away the top layer of dead skin cells.

The treatment involves 5 steps:

1: First, we prime the skin area with a cleanser and degreaser.

2: Then, we apply the ME LINE Prep on the skin then remove it and rinse the skin.

3: Subsequently, ME LINE Peel is applied with a thicker layer over areas requiring attention (e.g. hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne).

4: Finally, we give you the aftercare regime, which includes a gentle wash, Meline products, and sunscreen.

5: After 4 weeks you will return for a repeat ME LINE peel.


MELINE Clinical Evidence

There are several clinical studies validating the potent effect of Me Line peels:

  • Excellent results in 95% of hyperpigmentation cases;
  • Significant reduction in fine lines in 90% of ageing skins;
  • Visible improvement in breakouts in 85% of acne-prone skins;
  • Effective results in 65% of melano-hematic patients.



ME LINE peels helps with:


  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Melano-hematic pigmentation;
  • Melasma;
  • Chloasma;
  • Improving skin laxity
  •  Reducing pigmentation
  • Ameliorating sun-damaged skin
  • Helping treat dermatitis
  • Reducing signs of ageing (fine lines).


In Clinic + Homecare

The treatment comprises in clinic sessions coupled with homecare products:

  • 2 Sessions with 30 days intervals;
  •  Possibility to do a 3rd treatment 6-8 months later if necessary;
  • Homecare products include day cream, night cream, and Mask;
  • We recommend 4 months of home care.
Please note that the first pack of home care  is included in the treatment price.


2 Sessions Professional Treatment + 3 HomeCare products
3rd Session of Professional Treatment